The groupís main line of business is credit recovery and along this line our vision is to deliver customized solutions that improve our clients accounts receivable recovery rates, thus improving their financial performance that translate into revenue generating opportunities and competitive advantages.

Our specific goal here is ; establish direct contact with the debtor, achieve tangible and measurable improvements in recoveries and reduce delinquencies resulting in enhanced cash flow.

Established on 12th February 2001, Zuri Services Sdn Bhd provides professional debt recovery services including credit management consultancy, led by our Director, Mr U.Thamotharan who has more than 10 years of experience in this field.

Our debt collection strategies are designed to reduce the time a client spends on delinquency and to expedite cash flow. We are committed to promptly and aggressively recovering your funds using our extensive knowledge of debt collection strategies, proven debt-recovery techniques, utilization of comprehensive computer system and best resources available.


Zuri & Associates was established in 2005, a partnership consultancy established to enhance our management consultancy services to complement our existing core business of credit recovery and management services. We have since then gone into provision of legal support to our clients in term of obtaining instruction, advice and representation from panel of lawyers for and on behalf of our clients including vetting of solicitorsí services and fees for best-fit to our clientís needs.

We can coordinate with our lawyers if and when there is a need to take legal action against debtor. Normally, we will recommend legal action as a last resort and only when there is feasibility of any returns from the debtors. Zuri will advice to proceed by way of legal process from the issuing of letters of demand (LOD) to enforcement action of writ of seizure and sale (WSS)..

Our rates are very competitive as the co-ordination for legal services is an additional service to our client as part of the credit recovery process.Our goal is to provide a value added service to our clients.


With our extensive search capability through Zuri Services Sdn Bhd, we are able to track and secure the current and latest addresses / contact details of any person and/or debtor for and on behalf of our clients and ensure proper communication is made between the parties both at collection level and if the clients chooses to proceed to legal action , then with proper and complete service of the process documents.

We have expanded our process serving and despatch capability sufficient enough to be able to specialise and focus one aspect of our business particularly on process serving and document despatch.

In this premise, we have decided to provide this service through our Zuri Resources Sdn Bhd and are offering a comprehensive process serving service within Peninsular Malaysia (inclusive of the drafting and affirmation of the relevant Affidavit of Service together with exhibits) for legal practitioners within Malaysia and from outside the country.

Zuri Group of Companies have established a synesgestic arrangement with one another to provide excellent service to the end-clients and with the existing resources at hand and with our infrastructure already in place we believe that we are at the forefront of the provision of this type of service in Malaysia.


Sri Klasik Trading is another entity under Zuri Group of Companies. It is a dynamic solutions provider offering Facilities Maintenance Services which combines a range of specialized industry skills, proven processes and system, to successfully deliver reliable maintenance management solutions to government and private sectors.

Sri Klasik provides complete custom-tailored solutions. Sri Klasik’s wide array of services are as follows :

1. Operations & Maintenance
Technical maintenance : provision of skilled manpower to operate and maintain air conditioning  system, electrical, fire protection, plumbing, building automation system, lifts, escalators, CCTV, public address and any other mechanical & electrical system. This will eliminate the hassle of outsourcing to multiple contractors.

2. Facilities Maintenance
A single partner for services involving operations & maintenance plus other general services such as office, common and car park cleaning, landscaping and grass cutting for internal & external compound, safety, security & guard services etc.