The group’s main line of business is credit recovery and along this line our vision is to deliver customized solutions that improve our clients accounts receivable recovery rates, thus improving their financial performance that translate into revenue generating opportunities and competitive advantages.

Our specific goal here is ; establish direct contact with the debtor, achieve tangible and measurable improvements in recoveries and reduce delinquencies resulting in enhanced cash flow.

Established on 12th February 2001, Zuri Services Sdn Bhd provides professional debt recovery services including credit management consultancy, led by our Director, Mr U.Thamotharan who has more than 10 years of experience in this field.

Our debt collection strategies are designed to reduce the time a client spends on delinquency and to expedite cash flow. We are committed to promptly and aggressively recovering your funds using our extensive knowledge of debt collection strategies, proven debt-recovery techniques, utilization of comprehensive computer system and best resources available.